2017 S.G.M. & A.G.M.

2017 S.G.M. & A.G.M.

Тhanks to everyone who attended the Annual General Meeting of the Ukrainian Association of Western Australia which was held last Sunday, September 10, 2017. This was a historic day for UAWA as the first of the two meetings was a Special General Meeting at which the UAWA formally changed its name. The new name of the Association is now “Ukrainian Association of Western Australian Inc.” Secondly the members present overwhelmingly accepted our new constitution. This change was necessary to comply with the Association’s Incorporation Act 2015. The constitution is being submitted to the Commissioner for Consumer Protection for approval after which time it will be posted on the UAWA website. The “UAWA Constitution Project” was tabled in the 2016 AGM, so it is of note that it was almost twelve months of work. Special thanks to Vic Schilo who graciously donated his time to put the new constitution together. Also thanks to VP Wally Perzylo who worked with Vic Schilo rewriting the constitution and make it comply with the new regulations.

Your committee for 2017 are:

President Mykola Mowczan

Vice President Wally Perzylo

Secretary Dr Lesa Morgan Melnyczuk

Treasurer Yeva Gibson

Committtee Janenne Marunczyn

Orysia Daws

Vasyl Hobotovskyy

Gabby Mowczan

David Marunczyn

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