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Sviato Heroiv Concert (Heroes Day Concert


May 28, 2017


The UAWA put together an unforgettable concert for the Ukrainian Community. The Concert was held in the UGCC Hall to facilitate the local community who attended after the UOC + UGCC liturgies.  The concert was opened by our school children walking onto stage with the Ukrainian Flag and singing the Ukrainian National Anthem followed by the Australian National Anthem.  

After a short introduction by UAWA president M Mowczan and a minutes silence, the concert saw items including 

the Ukrainian School Children dancing the "Hutsul" (under the direction of Stephanie Parin); Mrs Yeva Gibson who is a new 

arrival to WA read out the key note address. Yeva spoke about the current war from her own viewpoint (Yeva was raised and lived in

East Ukraine).  One of our young girls, Christina Lipinska recited a poem, Благословенна та держава -Наталія Козленко [Blessed is the Nation by Natalia Kozlenko]  which was followed by Orysia Daws who powerfully recited Розрита Могила - Тарас Шевченко 

(The Excavated Mound - Taras Shevchenko). The following item was a trio of lovely young ladies, Marichka Holovina, Sophia Holovko

 and Christina Lipinska who sang "Ya Ukkrayinka" ;  Children and adults from CYM and Ukrainian School sang two songs -  "Nekhay vo viky 

bude slava" and "khloptsi pidemo" accompanied by Bohdan Mykytiuk on guitar. 

Mirko Gutej then produced a stirring and most powerful rendition of his own composition titled "Ukrainian Heroic Themes" played on 

our old but still very sturdy Roland electric Piano.  


The concert closed with everyone standing and singing Bozhe Velykyy.


Certainly all of Ukraines Heroes commencing from Kozak times and including such names as Ottoman Ivan Sirko, Avhustyn Voloshyn, 

Mykola Mikhnovskyy, Symon Petliura, Evhen Konovalts, Roman Shuhevych, Yaroslav Stetsko, Stepan Bandera including the "Heavenly 

Hundred" (2014) and all the heroes who have died and are dying on the eastern front were remembered and I am certain they would have

 been proud that we, in Western Australia continue to honour and remember them.  



Many thanks to Diana Teplyj for MC'ing this important event. Many thanks to all the ladies in the committee who bought refreshments and 

looked after the catering side.  Also thanks to the Borys and all the guys for decorating the hall and removing everything everything so 

efficiently at the end of the concert. 

It is with regret that until the UAWA  has developed a policy regards childrens photographs  they cannot be displayed. 

If parents want their children to be displayed - please email us at (photographs with many 

children will require consent by ALL parents. 

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