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The Ukrainian Community of Westen Australia applauds the achievements of Dr Lesa Melnyczuk for her achievements  

Dr Lesa's journey began in 2004 at the Notre Dame University (School of Arts & Sciences). 
In 2010 Lesa Melnyczuk attained her Ph.D ‘Remember the peasantry’: A study of genocide, famine, and the Stalinist Holodomor in Soviet Ukraine, 1932-33, as it was remembered by post-war immigrants in Western Australia who experienced it and in 2012 Dr Lesa Melnyczuk published her first book "Silent Memories Traumatic Lives: Ukrainian Migrant Refugees in WA"  
Now in 2019, her second book  "Holodomor - Silenced Voices of the Starved Children",  which is a collection of forty stories told from first-hand experiences of the Ukrainian terror-famine of 1932-33 by survivors who later migrated to Western Australia, has been awarded first place (Gold Award) by the Independent Publishers Book Award 


"Holodomor - Silenced Voices of the Starved Children"
by Dr Lesa Melnyczuk wins International Award 

Dr Lesa Melnyczuk
with Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Australian Businessman Andrew Forrest 

Europe – Best Regional Non-Fiction
GOLD: Holodomor: Silenced Voices of the Starved Children, by Lesa Melnyczuk and Phil Webster (Carina Hoang Communications)
SILVER: Finding Monte Cristo: Alexandre Dumas and the French Atlantic World, by Eric Martone (McFarland & Company Publishing)
BRONZE: Under the French Blue Sky: Diary of a Grand Tour, by Nicole Marie Davison (Capra Cyclista)

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