Small Midwest town of Coorow in Western Australia flies  Ukrainian flags in support of the war-torn nation thanks to local resident Guy Sims - read the story in link below

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The Southern River Quilters are a group of women who get together to spend time and sewing, This year they have donated their time, fabric and skills making quilts for Ukrainian refugees who found themselves in Western Australia. "May they bring you some comfort whilst you are here, and we pray that peace will return to Ukraine very soon".  

Janice Beresford - Secretary


God Bless the Southern River Quilters for your donation. We will make certain it gets distributed to our Ukrainian refugees - 

M Mowczan
President UAWA


JULY 12, 2022

Benefit Concert for Hope and Peace in Ukraine

Diana Teply's concert in Perth, WA, (Benefit Concert for Hope and Peace in Ukraine at the War Memorial Hall, Cottesloe Civic Centre) was specifically to support the Rotary Kyiv/Ukraine CARITAS priority project of repurposed emergency dormitory-style accommodation in Irpin and Bucha.raised $8,200. 

Community groups came together for an evening of uplifting melodies, a selection of Ukrainian and Italian songs adding to the international flair. 

The UKENDOIT ukulele group launched their “INVISIBLE PEOPLE” song with its message of goodwill and support for the Ukrainian people. 

The COTTESLOE CROONERS, THE JOYS OF THE WOMEN Italian folk choir, the VESNA Ukrainian choir and budding young performers, Margo Chyzhma and Benedikt Jankowitsch, enhance the evening.

Special guests Irina Buevska-Cowell and Anastasiya Dudar performed works by Ukrainian composers Anatoliy Kos-Anatolsky and Myroslav Skoryk.


The Busselton Ukelele Strummers Inc ( via Barbara Taylor and their committee has added proceeds from their fundraiser amounting to $720 to the proceeds as they were in agreement to support the same project.  The total amount raised is $8,920.  

DNISTER – UKRAINE CRISIS APPEAL (non-tax-deductible)

Humanitarian Aid in Ukraine 

BSB: 704-235

Acc No: 02801991

20220712 Participants in Concert for Hope and Peace in Ukraine Photo by Mykola Mowczan_red

JULY 19, 2022

Dear All

It has been confirmed that the TXA and haemostatic dressings are finally delivered to Ukraine and being distributed directly to front line combat medics by a network of volunteers under the lead and coordination of Igor Chernetskyy.

I know Igor as a talented commander and tireless volunteer since we met in 2014 on the barricades of the Ukrainian Revolution of Dignity. Igor has built and coordinates an extensive network of volunteers across Ukraine and works directly with UKR Defence Forces and Volunteer Battalions. His organization continuously provides them not only with medical and non-lethal military supplies, but as well as with trained personnel.

On behalf of everyone in his team and all Ukrainians,  Igor Chernetskyy thanks you all for supplied haemostatics and potentially saving hundreds of wounded.  

Great Gratitude is expressed for the generous donations by Denise Dagley and FA Ready Pty Ltd in WA, who donated BleedSolv haemostatic gauzes, and Aaron Sangalli in WA, who donated Tranexamic Acid.  A Special thanks to all involved in its delivery and tenacious work with complex logistics: Mykola Mowczan, Wally Perzylo and Ukrainian Association of WA, - Terrence Dewar, WA, Oleksandra Voloshyn and Vitaliy Lipinskyy, WA, Dariusz Podgornyy, WA


Ukrainian continues its stoic and unprecedented fight against Russian military invasion. Ukrainians fight this war not just for their very survival as a nation, but for world’s peace and democratic values. Ukraine holds the ground by all human and economic cost but needs ongoing support. We cannot rest and must continue our support to Ukraine tirelessly until its Decisive Victory.

For details and/or additional information please contact Orest via email or directly via mobile 0497772584.

Kind regards, 

Orest Zadvirnyy

Principal Executive Officer

Ukrainian Australian Association of Northern Territory


JULY 15, 2022

Dear All,     

I am very pleased to inform you that our donated medical items (VAC machine with VAC dressings and External Fixation Devices) have reached their destination and are now being utilised to treat Ukrainian soldiers in the orthopaedic department of one of Kiev’s hospitals. Victor and his colleagues are extremely happy with the quality of the medical equipment and have provided me with excellent feedback on our donated items.


The delay in the transportation was due to logistical issues on the ground in Poland, however our Chinese suppliers proved to be very efficient and reliable throughout the entire process.


I would also like to acknowledge the significant contribution made by CYM Perth and Orest Zadvirnyy with his community in Darwin in funding another 1000 tourniquets that have been delivered to the battlefield.


We also encountered some issues with custom clearance of Haemostatic Dressings and Tranexamic Acid, however this has now been resolved, picked up by the courier and is awaiting delivery to Ukraine. I will ensure to inform you upon the delivery of these items.


Please see the attached photos and videos in this email and the subsequent one, as the content and size is too large.


Please continue to support Ukraine, as even small contributions will help bring Victory and reduce the suffering of our brave Ukrainians.


Thank you.


Kind regards,   

Lesya (Alex).

Thanks to the Ukrainian Community of Perth and Darwin and our medical team in Eastern States we now have confirmation that all medical products have now been received and are being used,  as can be seen on fotos above & below. 

                                Team WA & NT - A  job well done  - MM


June 27, 2022 - a letter from COOROW, WA

We are sending this email from the wheatbelt town of Coorow Western Australia.


The town of Coorow is situated approximately 250 km north of Perth, is one of three small towns in the Shire of Coorow, and has a population of approximately 180 people.


The town supports the grain growing area surrounding Coorow.


As a community we have been deeply saddened and distressed by what is happening to the Ukraine, its city’s and also smaller towns like ours.


As a town we want to show our support for the Ukrainian community both in the Ukraine but also here in WA.


I am not aware of anyone in this town with Ukrainian heritage but nonetheless we are all global citizens and we want to extend our moral support realising that there is not a lot we can do in a practical sense.


Today we have sixteen flags flying or on display, we hope to get that to thirty five by Sunday 10/7/22 and ultimately 50 by the end of July.


Attached is a letter of solidarity from the town community which is probably self-explanatory, together with a couple of photos.


Also below a link from our local primary schools Facebook page.


We hope that our towns support is of some comfort to your community’s.


Yours in solidarity;


Guy Sims 0407 360 222

Durwin Melbin 0427 080 171

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Albany June 17 & 18

Hi everyone


Now that the dust has settled, I've reconciled the finances.

We haven't received and donated all of the amounts of course, but I'm very pleased to announce that when we do, we will have raised a total of $11,954 for the cause. This includes ticket sales, the silent auction and donations, many anonymous.

Please see attached a few photos we have. I hope in time to share recordings but this of course takes a while and depends on whether they work out. We appreciate your patience with that.

I will send a survey too but any feedback, good bad or neutral, is welcome at any time. We have our own lessons learned but your perspective is valuable too. 

But you all generously gave your various amazing gifts. And together we created something greater than we could have on our own. 

So again, on behalf of Albany Uniting Church, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Mykola has also asked me to convey his deep appreciation and congratulations to you all.

We hope to have you all back soon for more Music at Wesley!


Best wishes   


Many thanks to Sebastion Harris for the organisation ofthe "Ünited for Ukraine Concert". Thank you to all the musicians for your unreserved donatition of your time and efforts: you were all amazing. It was a pleasure working with you and teaching everyone who attended these two wonderful shows on Friday evening and Saturday afternoon the Ukrainian National anthem. Also thanks to our Albany Ukrainians who participated.     

Mykola Mowczan

President UAWA


June 19,2022 -Dance Concert for Ukraine

Our massive and amazing event involved over 500 dancers from 28 Perth and regional dance schools.   


The performance was very successful on many levels.  Primarily a fund raiser, it bought dance schools (students and teachers) together as a caring community and working together for a common goal.  For those non-competition kids, it was also a brilliant opportunity for students to have another performance opportunity, other than their annual concert.  The added bonus was being able to dance at the wonderful Perth Concert Hall, under the giant Ukraine flag. 


The event raised over $30,000 to go the victims of the war on Ukraine, channelled through UNICEF ($15,000 already sent) and I take this opportunity to thank you for your generous donation and support. 


Thank you all, so very much! 


Wrap up – a few things to finish off with…. 


The online auction made about $3,5000.  Many thanks to Robyn Cooper for setting this up and to all those who donated.

Helene Gower / Deputy Chair WACBTA

Screenshot 2022-06-16 214723.jpg

"The State of Ukraine"  a talk by new shed member Mykola Mowczan,

President of the Ukrainian Association of Western Australia.

A large turn out of Members turned up at the Shed on Wednsday, June 15 for the talk prior to the monthly meeting. The talk was given by member Mykola Mowczan, President of the Ukrainian Association of Western Australia. The title of the talk was “What does Putin want from Ukraine.”

Myk gave a potted history of how Ukraine emerged from the Soviet empire leading to how Ukraine is positioned today. The factual account of what is happening today was harrowing and Myk had to hold himself together as he spoke of what is happening to his people. (He was born in Australia and travels on an Oz passport.) He has some 60 friends and family in the war zone.
When asked about what Putin wants he immediately responded with “the destruction of Ukraine in his attempt to return Russia to the days of the Tzars.” Should Putin be assassinated? No, he has 3 generals who would take over and wreak revenge on the world, something the West is very aware of.
Impossible to relay the story Myk gave in this format - contact him if you want to know more.

Western Australian Government donates $500,000 to help the people of Ukraine


The Western Australian Government has donated $500,000 to help the people of Ukraine as they deal with the humanitarian crisis caused by the Russian invasion.


The donation to the Ukraine Crisis Appeal, partnered with Rotary Australia World Community Services and Caritas Ukraine, was delivered through the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries, and will be used to provide emergency relief and humanitarian aid to those affected by the war.


The donation follows the same amount donated in March 2022 by the Queensland Government to the Ukraine Crisis Appeal, which has now raised over 4 million dollars to assist those affected by the brutal, illegal and devastating war being waged by Russia. 


The West Australian Ukrainian Association liaised with the Premier’s office to discuss the donation, and received input from the Australian Federation of Ukrainian Organisations (AFUO) Director of Humanitarian Aid Initiatives, Ms Darka Senko. 


“We are incredibly excited and grateful that the McGowan Government has donated such a substantial amount of money to the Ukrainian community’s humanitarian aid effort, Ukraine Crisis Appeal,” said Mr Mykola Mowczan, President of the Ukrainian Association of Western Australia in Perth. 


“Our community in Perth has been doing all it can to support Ukraine at this time, including fundraising for the humanitarian relief effort, holding a candle vigil attended by government and consular representatives, and organising rallies in support of Ukraine,” said Mr Mowczan. 


To date, the Ukraine Crisis Appeal, the largest Australian tax-deductible fundraising effort for Ukraine, has assisted over 999,114 people, with more than:


  • 524,954 people receiving food supplies (*52.7% of all beneficiaries received)

  • 30,559 people receiving medicines from the Caritas network.

  • 70,581 people receiving bed linen

  • 16,928 people receiving accommodation

  • 21,009 people receiving bottled water

  • 14,784 people receiving legal protection and other services 

  • issued 208,178 hygiene kits 

  • provided shelter for up to 1,400 people a day in emergency shelters

  • distributed 280 tons of cargo to war-affected areas


The Ukraine Crisis Appeal has also shipped $1.1 million dollars of urgent medical supplies to Ukraine. 

WA Government Media Statement


More information: 


Mr Mykola Mowczan: 0412 228 056                 Ms Darka Senko: 0417 237 938

Department of Primary Industries

and Regional Development (Fisheries)

The Ukrainian Association would like to thank the Staff of the Department of PIRD (Fisheries) based at Hillarys who have been busy holding multiple fundraising events over the last two months, to raise money for Ukraine.

The more than 160 staff, made up of scientists, technical and fisheries officers and admin support are responsible for monitoring and assessing WA’s aquatic resources, and providing advice to the state government to ensure we have fish for the future.

The fundraising events began in late April with a morning tea with tasty treats baked by our staff, followed by a relay fun-run where teams were sponsored-per-lap to race up a nearby (very steep) hill. The following week, we held an ever-popular sundowner and raffle with items donated by staff. The final event was a silent auction which included hand-made items and artwork by our talented staff. The outcome of everyone’s collective efforts resulted in us raising an impressive $1730, which has now been donated to the Ukrainian Association of Western Australia.

220220523 DPIR Team of Runners Hill Run.jpg
220220523 DPIR Hill Run Action Shot_edited.jpg
220220523 DPIR Sundowner Photo.jpg
220220523 DPIR Sundowner Cheeseboard Platter.jpg

May 6, 2022

Perth Rotary Club


May 2022


A positive story has arisen out of the devastating and horrifying effects and outcomes of the Russian/Ukrainian War.  A small team in Western Australia and Northern Territory, together with two suppliers has achieved a West Australian first for Ukraine.

The acquisition and delivery of much needed medical supplies to Hospitals and Trauma teams has been a priority ever since February 24th 2022, when the Russian Military invaded Ukraine under the pretence described as a "Special Operation," Leading to the ongoing injury, death and displacement of millions of Ukrainian people. 

The Ukrainian Association of WA, Orest Zadvirnyy from the Ukrainian Australian Association of NT,

Doctor Olexandra Voloshyn,  geriatrician from Rockingham hospital, WA and specialised medical personnel, medical suppliers and logistic experts have collaborated in a combined effort to identify and deliver life saving medical products urgently needed for the region by initiating a "Special Operation" of their own.


The products have now been received by the medical teams in Ukraine. They are  essential to help save lives. Company director Denise Dagley and Mandurah Pharmacist Aaron Sangalli pledged their support to the team by supplying sizable quantities of the much-needed First aid supplies.

 "We are very greatful and thankful to Denise and Aaron for their support and generosity for these critically needed products and hope to send much more" said Mykola Mowczan president of the Ukrainian Association of WA.

Anyone who would like to assist the team or would like to donate much needed funds to the organisation, can contact them directly at

2022-04-22 AFUO - Visa update v3_Page_1_edited.jpg

Humanitarian Aid

(Non Tax-Deductible)


ACC NAME Support Ukraine WA

BSB 704 235  ACC 40015214



ACC NAME Ukraine Crisis Appeal and Aid

BSB 704 235  ACC 02801991




Get Help / Offer / Help /  Volunteer


Other Ways to Support Ukraine


Displaced Persons Support

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Adoption and providing permanent

care for a child

(Western Australia only)

- refer Intercountry Adoption on this link

Adoption and fostering enquiries will continue to follow state requirements , the site listed below is one for Western Australia. If you live outside of WA please contact the relevant State Government Department


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