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August 25, 2019 - Ukrainian Independence Day

Dear Friends,


This year 2019 is a very historic year for Ukraine and Ukrainians around the world -  it is the 28th anniversary of an independent Ukraine - it is the commencement of spiritual independence for Orthodox Ukrainians with the signing of the Tomos on Jan 5 by the Ecumenical Patriarch  - it is also the centenary of the union of the Ukrainian People’s Republic (also known as the Ukrainian National Republic  with the Western Ukrainian National Republic which occurred on Jan 22, 1919.  The UNR also desired to unite the Ukrainian Far Eastern Republic and the Kuban’s Peoples Republic. However, this did not eventuate because in 1921 the Bolshevik Republik invaded and took control of Ukraine. In 1922 Ukraine is absorbed into the Soviet Union.


During world war 2 Ukraine suffered great losses and subsequently post world war 2 Ukrainians who were in Germany were expatriated to many countries around the world including Australia. Last year we commemorated the 70th anniversary of Ukrainian immigration to WA & Australia and I am proud to welcome our pioneers who are with us today.


Ukraine regains her Independence on August 24, 1991 (after the collapse of the Soviet Union) and today we celebrate Ukraine’s 28th Independence Day.


From the earliest Kozak times till the present Ukraine’s unity has been reflected in our Ukrainian language – our Ukrainian music and songs and our Ukrainian dance. The history of the development of our music has passed many stages. Today throughout Ukraine you will hear rebellious rock that calls for change and an end to the war, experimental rhythms that put Ukrainian musicians on an equal with the rest of the world and traditional music from the distant past to the present that relates to home life, the kozaks, and of the love of Ukrainians for their nation.  Music, dance and passion has been a way of life for Ukrainians for many centuries – for countless generations.


So, let us celebrate our beloved motherland’s 28th Anniversary of Independence with a concert combining all the elements we love so much – poetry, music and song and dance.


I welcome all of you to the Ukrainian Association and Taras Shevchenko School 28th anniversary concert and lunch.

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