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Second Anniversary of the Revolution of Dignity

The Ukrainian Association of WA joins with the AFUO regarding the 2nd Commemoration of the "Heavenly Hundred", who lost their lives 2 years ago in standing up for the belief and their rights.

​The revolution so called the Euromaidan Revolution or Revolution of Dignity occurred because the people were protesting against the corruption of the President Yanukovich and the desire to return the constitution to the pre-2010 constitution. Subsequently on the days and nights between February 18 to February 21 over 100 people (the "Heavenly Hundred") lost their lives in violence on the streets and to snipers.

Subsequently Yanukovich flees to Russia; Russia does not recognise the interim government calling it a coup d'etat; Russia seizes Crimea following a covert invasion and commences a war in East Ukraine (Luhansk & Donetsk oblasts) which lasts until today.

This weekend, alongside millions in Ukraine, we remember those that were slaughtered and sacrificed their lives for Ukraine's freedom. The ensuing war in the East has seen another 9,000 die unnecessarily and hundreds of thousands of people become IDP (internally displaced persons).

We pray for those that have died defending Ukraine, for their widows and their children!

We pray for solidarity and for an end to all hostility in Ukraine!

We pray that Crimea is rightfully returned to Ukraine!

God bless Ukraine!

God bless all Ukrainians living in Ukraine and all over the world in the Diaspora where-ever they may reside!

Slave Ukrayini ! Slava Heroyam !

Mykola Mowczan - Holovoa

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